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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Let dead Jewish terrorists rest in peace

The Englishman is quite right. An American Israeli's campaign to re-open the case of dead Jewish terrorist Alexander Rubowitz and besmirch the name of one of our war heroes should be abandoned.

My father served in Palestine during '45 to '47, and some of the murders and terrorist acts committed by the Jewish terrorist groups, including the hangings of kidnapped British sergeants Clifford and Paice, were felt to be particularly below the belt.

In return, we hanged many of Robowitz's fellow Irgun and Lehi terrorists; Olei Hagardom, Shlomo Ben-Yosef, Dov Gruner, Yehiel Dresner, Mordechai Alkahi, Eliezer Kashani, Moshe Barazani and Meir Feinstein (who both cheated the hangman by killing themselves), Avshalom Haviv, Yaakov Weiss and Meir Nakar. Robowitz avoided the gallows and met his end in unclear circumstances.

The anti-Jewish riots in Britain following the murders of Sergeants Clifford and Paice damaged 300 Jewish properties in Liverpool in five days of rioting; a synagogue in West Derby was burned to the ground, Jewish gravestones were uprooted and synagogues across the country had their windows smashed and Swastikas daubed on their walls. The Times reported that in Eccles a group of 700 'cheered each hit' as Jewish properties were pelted with bricks and stones.

The past, they say, is another country. That water has long passed under the bridge, and former Jewish terrorists have been rehabilitated. The dead are dead, and will be so for a long time. There's nothing to be gained by raking over these ashes.

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Anonymous said...

The only sad thing about Rubowitz's story is that we stopped doling out that kind of treatment to terrorists and their sympathisers.