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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Luton Jihadists are gay

The Luton Jihadists who attempted to disrupt a homecoming parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment today with 'Anglian soldiers: cowards, killers, extremists' and 'British government, terrorist government' placards were rightly roughed up by the crowds lining the streets to welcome the 'Poachers' home. But it was two of the supporting crowd that were arrested.

The Jihadists strike me as a bit gay. It's fine for them to trash our nation and our army protected by Labour's police and Labour's laws that allow, and encourage, them to do so. But they strike me as a bit gay, a bit beardless, mummy's boys. If they want a scrap with the Poachers, I think I should help them.

So any gay Luton Jihadist who imagines he's hard enough, please write to me at the email addy in the right hand column. I will pay your air fare to Peshawar, give you $100 to buy a Chinese-made AK47, and pay your truck ride to Helmand province. There, I am sure, the Poachers will respond appropriately and in a way they're constrained from doing whilst on a homecoming parade.

With thanks to IEBOC in the comments and H/T Old Holborn, here's a vid of the rout of the Jihadists. Excellent stuff!


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Whatever an individual feels about the rights or wrongs of the current wars it struck me as a particularly scummy thing to do. I didn't so much object to their presence and protest, that's what being British is supposed to be about, but their death wishes were particularly vile.
Still...the Daily Mail are addressing the balance with their report of the disabled Muslim attempting to sue MI5 for not employing him as a spy!
Bendy Girl

Newmania said...

It has occurred to me quite a bit that todays protests are often no more than fashion statements with a retro 68 vibe.

You leave the gays alone though , lovely people

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why these people would want to stay in a country and a society and a culture that they clearly despise.

They hate the way we live our lives in the west. They mostly hate us simply for failing to follow their religion and, to some extent, hate us for being a different colour from them. They hate our music, our ethics, our concepts of liberty. They hate us. They hate being around us. They hate listening to us. They hate seeing our churches and our unveiled women. They hate every single part of their existence in this country.

So why don't they just fuck off to somewhere Islamic instead of shitting up everything for the rest of us?

Newmania said...

You know what the more I think about it the angier I get!

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

I grew up in Luton. The Arndale Centre with its pink flamingos was a particular highlight. My own dear father even designed the sewage system still in operation today. Shame you can't flush all the shit down it, but hey-ho.

Anonymous @ 2202 - it is not always hatred. There is a measure of extreme jealousy and fascination mixed in there as well. It makes for a somewhat combustible relationship.

Anonymous said...

@ Michael Pinkstone

Fair point but I still wish they'd either get with the programme or fuck off.

Raedwald said...

Newms - as a hip, streetwise sort I was using the gay term in the sense of 'Them trainers are gay, innit' rather than its traditional homosexualist meaning

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I came across this phrase earlier but sadly cannot track it down. Of the Jihadi chanting

" shouting their spite and spouting their shite " which I thought was quite succinct and to the point.

Found this in the comments at O/H'
shoppers backlash on Jihadis.

Which was hardly mentioned in the msm, I wonder why not ?

Anonymous said...

@ Raedwald

Maybe you should have said Luton Jihadists are Epic Fail.

Which is what all the Kool Kidz are saying nowadays.

BigDai said...

Perhaps the Army had its own responsed planned, hence those questions regarding shooting our own citizens on the streets of Britain??

Anonymous said...

"So why don't they just fuck off to somewhere Islamic instead of shitting up everything for the rest of us?"

Erm, because they can live here at our expense, whereas back home they'd have to work?

Falco said...

How about some "Jihad supporters are in to man on man action" banners for the next parade?

Nick Drew said...

photographing coppers, eh, what next ?

anarchy !