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Sunday, 1 March 2009

More sleaze and corruption - Julian Lewis MP

When a would-be MP presents themselves to the electors of a constituency as one worthy to represent them in Parliament they don't do so as members of a special privileged political class alien to the rest of us, but as one who lives amongst us, and is supported by others who live amongst us. Quite rightly their home address is a matter of record. But not, I fear, for much longer.

Julian Lewis, a Tory MP, is proposing an amendment tomorrow that would remove the requirement for someone standing for election to disclose their address. Ostensibly, like so much else, this is on 'security' grounds, but the reasoning is risible. The real reason is that with MPs' addresses a secret, neither the press or the blogosphere will be able to challenge their expenses claims. It's sleaze, filth and corruption, nothing more.

If this amendment succeeds, I expect a nationwide campaign to develop not to vote for any candidate in the next election who is not prepared to disclose their constituency address.

The News of the World runs an expose of Lewis' second home expenses claim - and tries to stop the paper photographing his homes.


Budgie said...

All of then seem to see being elected as permission to trough whilst they can. They also undergo a metamorphosis from representative to ruler.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

For those who are willing actually to examine Julian Lewis's arguments, the security case he makes about keeping MPs' home addresses private can be found at:

and the background to the NOTW story about him can be found at:

I can't see any evidence that he is doing anything wrong and the amount of money that he has legitimately claimed for a second home is not only proportionate to the cost but a fraction of the amount that some other MPs have claimed.