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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

No amnesty, Boris, but accelerated removal

The LSE's figures commissioned by the Mayor show that there are around half a million illegal immigrants in London alone (midpoint). I've yet to read the actual report, but the Mayor's news release was very specific - the figure was just illegal immigrants. So presumably it doesn't include asylum seekers, east Europeans or other EU citizens, or all the Nigerians having babies. Boris is in favour of an amnesty. More reasoned voices on both sides of the political spectrum have pointed out that what starts as an amnesty ends with a truckload of dead Chinese.

Illegal immigrants take bedspaces and rented accommodation and crowd out rented property availability. By their nature they swim in a world of illegality and criminal activity, victims and perpetrators both, and allow more serious and organised crime to flourish. By working for below open-market wages, they create opportunity costs in lowered GDP and continued welfare costs for non-illegals. In every way, they damage our society and economy.

There is only one answer; greater control of our borders, and accelerated removal. The UK isn't just a hotel that the world's poor can choose to book into; it's our nation, and it runs on our taxes. And it's about time we shut the door.


Sabretache said...

".... And it's about time we shut the door.

... and got used to doing all those nasty, dirty demeaning jobs ourselves instead of paying slave labour rates to get desperate, fearful and wonderfully exploitable sub-humans do do them for us eh?

There's more to this than easy knee-jerk blame-the-victim, tabloid soundbites you know - and it doesn't reflect too well on those most inclined to do the blaming either.

Otherwise I tend to agree. A country is analogous to a home whose owners/occupiers should have maximum discretion over who to invite for tea - or whatever.

an ex-apprentice said...

Well put, Mr R.

Sabretacky, illegal immigrants are not victims, but criminals; what part of "illegal" don't you get?

Sabretache said...


The vast majority ARE victims. That's not an opinion it's well documented fact and your obsession with 'criminal' is all too typical of a certain type of intolerance that is likewise incapable of replying to a point it dislikes with without insult.

Remember the 21 cockle-pickers that drowned in Morcambe bay? Each one of them paid £12,000 to be smuggled across borders into the country. They were then paid a pittance wage by their gangmaster to whom they were effectively indentured on pain of serious consequences that kept them in fear - and I mean both REAL fear and a REAL pittance. They are all too typical of the victim status of the vast bulk of 'illegal immigrants'

coneyisland said...

Don't expect any action any time soon from this government. Why? Because they couldn't give a shit. They have had over 11 years to rectify any wrongs that could have possibly existed in this country - including immigration - but they have chosen not to. Their actions speak louder than words.

Alfred the Ordinary said...

When you forget that Illegal is Illegal, the law of unexpected consequences hits you full in the face, or lower. Stand by.

Anonymous said...

An amnesty?

Check out what a "condono" means in Italy. It means nobody bothers with planning permission, since every few years they let off all the people who haven't bothered in the last few years, then the whole thing starts over again.

Or read your Kipling: "Once you have paid them the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane."

Why do we have to make the same mistakes over and over? (See also under Quantitative Easing, aka Printing Money).

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Sabretacky

My disagreeing with your own version of bleeding heart libreralism is not evidence of intolerance, the two are not synonymous, no matter how much you wish it so.

Nor should you let a minor play on your name result in such a nose-in-the-air po-faced attitude - try and develop a sense of humour, surely with opinions like yours you must be in constant need of one.

No-one invited them here, they came of their own free will, in full knowledge that they were breaking the law - they are CRIMINALS, hence the easily understood term - ILLEGAL immigrants.

Blue Eyes said...

I find it very hard to sympathise with those who borrow huge sums to get here in the back of lorries. They should have done their research. Britain is a shite place to migrate to.

Sabretache said...


'Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest' - remember that one? (OK maybe you're too young) - Because you have clearly read things in my posts that were not there. Why not try reading them again - slowly this time. See if that aids comprehension an iddy-biddy bit.

As for your attempts at humour - Two post - two insults. Keep it up. It speaks volumes.

William Gruff said...

Sabertache: The cockle pickers were not forced to hand over £12,000 to come here, they chose to and they chose to go out into Morecombe Bay, which they must have known is a treacherous place. I understand 'victim' to mean one who has suffered adversely from the actions of others or events outside their control. The Chinese were victims only of their own ambition and poor judgement, and given the sums they were prepared to borrow one might argue that their ambition amounted to reckless greed.