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Monday, 30 March 2009

'Standard' eviscerates Lee Jasper

The Standard has just published its exchange of letters with ex-Livingstone crony Lee Jasper a couple of weeks ago. It's a brilliant rebuttal of Jasper's new line that he wasn't mates with the men whose cases are now with the Crown Prosecution Service, and contains the mirth-making counter-charge from the 'Standard':
May we remind you that you were forced to resign after we published leaked emails in which you proposed to “whisk away to a deserted island beach,” “honey-glaze” and “cook slowly before a torrid and passionate embrace” a lady friend to whose projects you had granted at least £450,000 of City Hall money. You declared no such personal relationship with the woman in question, whom you addressed as “darling,” or with her organisation, as GLA rules require.
If only Jasper had filmed as torridly as he wrote; Labour spouses such as Jacqui Smith's would no doubt have paid top-dollar for the DVD.


Chris said...

Just skimmed through Jasper's letter and the reply in much the way as I speed-read articles related to teen murders in London - I look for the word "Trident", usually find it in the article then look away.

Instead of the word "Trident" I was looking for "racist". First line of second paragraph - I would have lost money if I'd wagered on that - I would have gone for somewhere on the second line of the first paragraph.

Notice that the Standard doesn't even dignify the claim - they make no mention of it whatsoever.

True racism is true evil but the Righteous have so devalued the word that its meaningless - it's been consigned to the euphemism conveyor belt. If elderly couples are racist for raising concerns about noise and litter around travellers camps, then I am a racist too.

Doctor Cat said...

By invoking the race card, this slobbering ape spits on the grave of Stephen Lawrence R.I.P. Kriss Donald R.I.P. and others too numerous to mention.

Daz said...

I think the phrase we are looking for is: