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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tom Harris and Jack Straw please note

Tom and Jack love their garden. "See how the high walls protect all the flowers and plants" says Jack. "See how the nets protect the pretty flowers" says Tom. But the bees that buzz from flower to flower can't get through the nets. The birds that eat the bugs that eat the flowers can't get through the nets. And the high walls block out the sun, so the flowers and plants shiver in the cold dark soil, and die.

Tom and Jack love their garden. "See the bare earth" they say. "See how the high walls and the nets protect the bare earth."
"Until now the government has by and large scorned the civil liberties lobby, seeing it as a peripheral and largely irrelevant fetish of the chattering classes. That arrogant disregard for democratic principle has been uncovered. The call for liberty is rapidly migrating from the margins to the mainstream of politics, and it is time for the government to listen." - Observer

1 comment:

Budgie said...

"... it is time for the government to listen." [about liberty] - Observer.

The time was 10 years ago. Would anyone now trust ZaNu Lab with civil liberties - ever?