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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Catherine Ashton: The good news

Back on 6th October last year I wrote a naughty post about our new EU Trade Commissioner, Catherine Ashton. A bag of spanners was mentioned. As was the contraceptive potential of Ms Ashton's presence in the teenage consciousness. I opined that her presence in the UK was critical if we were to stem the tide of teenage pregnancies. Now, it seems, I will have my wish - but at a price.

Reader, October may seem like recent history to you and I. When the hard-pressed stores were putting up the Christmas decs. Before the January bad news. Perhaps your own tinsel and baubles, despite the spousal reminders, have still to be returned to the loft. A score or so of weeks have passed. And now Open Europe have revealed Ashton's leaving deal from the EU.

She will get a 'resettlement allowance' of £18,700. She will get three years of 'transition payments' valued at over £89,000 per annum. And she will enjoy a pension of £9,600 a year. These rewards are much reduced, of course, from what she would have got had she spent more time in the job.

Brown now needs to find a new job for this handsome and capable woman. Could I suggest that Catherine Ashton should be Britain's first Porn Tsar?


Dick Puddlecote said...


hatfield girl said...

If we're being lookist, have you ever met Peter Kellner? Seen close-to what he looks like?

Mind you, 'Ashton's 2007 biography at the Department for Constitutional Affairs does not include any instance of her standing for election to public office' (Wiki) At least he earns his living, and his professional esteem.

Budgie said...

Perhaps the way McDebt is squandering our money, propping up his banker mates, Catherine Ashton should become ZaNu Labour's pawn star?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Catherine Ashton should become Mr. Jacqui Smiths house sitter, might dampen his ardor somewhat.

Her EU pension will prevent her from saying anything deemed to be against the interests of the EU ( on pain of it being withdrawn ), that includes any expressed opinions made in future public office, whether elected or appointed.

Anonymous said...

Oh bugger! It will take me ages to get the horses calmed down now.