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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Company thieves quake as the auditors arrive

Those engaged to manage a plc owned by its shareholders must sometimes be horribly tempted to take personal advantage of the goodies on offer. Of course, those goodies are actually other people's cash and savings - but when company thieves take the plunge and abuse their duty of stewardship to satisfy their own greed and avarice by stealing, it's often only the external auditors who uncover their misdeeds and get shot of them.

It's a sad indictment of the honour of Parliament that we, the public, need to take the role of auditors because some of our employees have been stealing from our investments. The Mail reports that three Labour MPs are on 'suicide watch' in anticipation of their thieving and corruption coming to light in July, and that ministers have warned that they may have to resign when their pilfering is exposed.

Have no pity. You wouldn't plead special treatment for the managers of a public company caught stealing, would you? The company secretary with Rolex watches, Porches and bling jewellery stolen from your hard-earned money will always claim to be 'suicidal' when caught out by the auditors; the courts hear this with tiresome regularity. So spare no pity for the MP thieves. Let's have it all out.


lilith said...

Oh yes.

Mac the Knife said...

"...three Labour MPs are on 'suicide watch' in anticipation of their thieving and corruption coming to light in July..."

I'll be happy to watch them, if only for the entertainment value...