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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Countdown to the weekend roast

The Israelis have reportedly re-named Swine Flu as Mexican Flu to preserve religious sensibilities, but since we haven't done the same here I confidently expect sales of pork during the week to fall so alarmingly that by the weekend the price of a decent leg for roasting will be about the cost of a London pint.

Let's hope the irrationality of the British public holds up; I'm looking forward to a decent roast this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, me too.

Let's just hope that the idiot statists don't get there before us and ban the sale of pork.

In a shed near me there are two large blacks which are growing nicely... yum yum.

Chris said...

Pork: it's the meat of kingsThe hysteria over Mexican Coughing Pig Death will not keep me from my bacon sandwiches this weekend, and I refuse to wear one of those silly masks the Harrumphograph is talking about. I am not a Japanese commuter.

david cameron's forehead said...

I doubt very much whether we'd have swine flu if all farming was done with rare breeds on a free-range basis, rather than industrial shite proceedures for knocking out animals as fat & cheap as possible.

Anonymous said...

Drat, I was hoping it would mean some people would not see 72 virgins because they had ingested some pig.

Chalcedon said...

My life, already but I will NOT be giving up bacon. This here 'flu is now human 'flu FFS.

Anonymous said...