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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Dan Hannan - how high can his star rise?

As I write, the video of Dan Hannan's electrifying speech to the Tory Spring Conference isn't yet on his blog - but check back there, because it's about the best political speech I've heard for years. I've just watched a version on torybear with appalling tinny audio, and hope the version that Dan posts will have this sorted. No sign of an autocue, and he extemporised bits as he went along. Even a minor fluff at the start still made the point and drew a round of applause.

Cynics may suggest that Dan has been let out of his cage at this time just to lend anti-Euro cred to the Tories in the face of many Tory voters being set to 'lend' a vote to UKIP in June, and that Cameron will edge him out of public view in a couple of months. The problem is, I don't that they could even if they wanted to. Dan speaks clearly and directly straight to the middle Britain that's been hoodwinked, betrayed and manipulated by the three main parties, yet is untarred with the brush of the corrupt political class. He's sound as a bell on both Europe and Localism.

David Cameron's speech was quite good, but as usual too 'designed' and lacking an authentic voice. Lot's of feel-good phrases but little meaning. Still, I expect that's always the lot of party leaders.

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