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Thursday, 9 April 2009

First big test for Sir Paul

Two events are bubbling away that will prove or fail Sir Paul Stephenson's mettle as our new Commissioner.

First, Bob Quick. Bob has never struck me as the sharpest knife in the drawer; his wife's dodgy minicab firm, and his conduct in the Damian Green affair were both clumsy embarrassments. His crass stupidity in prematurely exposing an anti-terrorist operation is a further indication that he's a sandwich short of a picnic. Sir Paul would do well to take this opportunity to replace the current head of anti-terrorist operations with a man of real ability.

Secondly, Ian Tomlinson's death. Sir Paul's actions now will demonstrate whether he's a useless pyramid of silver braid like his predecessor or whether he can manage his force to the satisfaction of his employers, the rate-payers of London, without provoking the overt hostility of his men.

I'm really hoping he will do the right thing on both counts. We deserve a Commissioner of real ability after Ian Blair's hopeless blundering.

Update 8.18
Bob Quick has gone. Yates of the Yard will be taking the counter terrorism brief.


Newmania said...

cannot unders atnd why you are fussed about Tomlinson R . If thats brutality then a game of rugby is a nuclear holocaust. It was bad luck.

Bloody hell; you are quick on quick though

Anonymous said...


Maybe people are fussed about Tomlinson because we're troubled by an innocent member of the public who was killed by the police while doing nothing more criminal than walking home from work.

You would do well to remember Martin Niemoeller's injunction. You might think it's terribly funny that the cops murdered some random oik. You might think he had it coming by virtue of having less money than you. In time, you'll find that your middle-class status is no protection against heavy-handed policemen with a carte blanche to do violence and the arrogance that comes from knowing they'll never be held accountable for their crimes.

Also you're an authoritarian prick.

JuliaM said...

"..because we're troubled by an innocent member of the public who was killed by the police.."

'because we're troubled by a member of the public who was assaulted by the police during a violent demonstration and who later died'


JuliaM said...

And if you are the same anonymong as the one in the other thread, I'm still waiting to find out just what it is that I need to 'research'...

talwin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
talwin said...

Anonymous @ 11.11

So. One cop says to another, "'Ere that random oik looks like he might have less money than us". Mate replies, "Too right, I think I'll kill 'im".

Anonymous, don't be a pillock. The pics don't look good but until we know the score you might sensibly keep your anarcho/lefty bollocks (anon. of course) to yourself.

patently said...

I'm very troubled by the idea of an innocent member of the public being killed by the police while doing nothing more criminal than walking home from work.

And if the enquiry shows that this was the case for Tomlinson, I'll be worried by his case.

Until then I shall, as ever, remain sceptical and apply some independent thought processes. Of course, those incapable of independent thought will probably just leap to an unwarranted conclusion.