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Friday, 8 May 2009

Damian Green's DNA kept as he's likely to 'reoffend'

As Shami Chakrabati points out in this morning's Telegraph, Damian Green's DNA will be retained until 2014. This is because, according to minister Vernon Coaker speaking on 'Today' yesterday, Mr Green, having been arrested but not charged or convicted, is nonetheless likely to 'reoffend' within the next six years and it will be easier for the police to catch him.

Given that Mr Green may well be a member of a new government within the year, and that the probability of him receiving and publishing leaks from his own government is, er, remote, one wonders how his DNA profile on file would help the police in any future leak investigation anyway.

It's the reasoning of the madhouse.


The Great Simpleton said...

If someone didn't offend in the first place they can hardly be accused of reoffending of they do eventually commit a crime.

Except in the mind of a Labour governement who have never accepted the presumption of innocence.

Blue Eyes said...

TGS beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course its the reasoning of the madhouse.

We have the government of the madhouse - any sense or reason departed long ago

Anonymous said...

No, it's the reasoning of those who are determined to keep and extend their power, regardless of the law.

We will see more of this before NuLab are finally obliterated.

Let use hope that the Cameroons are made of more principled stuff. "Sterner" is perhaps a dangerous thing to hope for.