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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Government DNA plan insults the people of England

I can't describe the immediate anger I felt this morning on reading the details of the Government's barely-complying proposals to meet the ECHR's requirements to remove the data on innocent English and Welsh people from the DNA database. The people of Scotland, of course, are already protected by a much more reasonable policy on DNA retention.

The cretins at ACPO, the NPIA and the Home Office have learned nothing and know nothing about the importance of our fundamental freedoms - the presumption of innocence being amongst the foremost.

Parity with the practice in Scotland is the very minimum that the people of England should expect.

If you have any doubt that Labour ministers have lost all contact with the presumptions of the criminal justice system, please listen to the thuggish Vernon Coaker here on 'Today' being repeatedly unable to tell the difference between guilt and innocence, between arrest, charge and conviction. His ignorance is truly chilling.

1 comment:

thefatlady said...

Presumably, shouting "Rubbish" at a Labour Party conference or reading names at the Cenotaph will count as serious crimes justifying DNA being kept for 12 years, since they are clearly terrorist offences.