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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Polly finally gets it!

The penny's dropped, and the scales have fallen from Polly's eyes as she writes in today's Grauniad:
This week a survey on the ConservativeHome website of likely new Tory MPs was an eye-opener. They are socially conservative, anti-environment, anti-Europe, anti-abortion, anti-gay adoption, pro-hunting and strongly in favour of the married couples' allowance that redistributes tax to the middle class. Only 15% see the climate as ­important: terrorism matters much more. Most want to cut money for Scotland.
Uhm, that would be 'conservative', then, Polly.

She's missed the other growing impetus on the right; Localism.

1 comment:

Nick Drew said...

she seems to have got one or two other things, at long last

Gordon Brown: no ideas and no regrets: under his leadership Labour has become a rotten, defeatist rabble ...

Many said he had neither the temperament nor the political skills for the top job. I was among those who hoped he had, because you have to live in hope.
Blind hope. We all knew. Tua culpa, Polly