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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Whilst politicians trough ....

Whilst politicians trough and the metropolitan political class continue a lunatic refusal to acknowledge there's any kind of problem with our broken democracy, voices from the coalface that politicians simply don't want to hear are pleading for an audience. If you have fifteen minutes, please watch both of these vids; ignore the grammar, the sentiment is as articulate as anything I've seen.

The Moston Martyr was a Labour voter who denies any sympathy for the BNP. Nevertheless, these vids have earned that party much support in Manchester. For what it's worth, I don't think he's being racist - I wouldn't link if I did - his words and language are the same as I hear from the inarticulate working class here in London, unused to those careful euphemisms we all employ.

For goodness sakes let's listen to these people before we go down a path as a nation that no responsible person wants.


Guthrum said...

Challenging Video

The problem appears to be a Council who just took the short term route of flogging the area off to slum landlords.Then the council just decanted their 'problems' into the estate.

Selling off each house to a young family, at the market rate with a council mortgage, street by street would have been the responsible option.

Anonymous said...

This is Britain in the year 2009. No-one, least of all the spivs in power, gives a good goddamn about the opinion of the white working class.

That, sadly, is why the Moston Martyr and all the others like him will have no choice but to force themselves onto the agenda by voting for the BNP.

Savonarola said...

Manchester Council however ineffectual are not the proximate cause of the decline and degradation of Moston. Visible and indentifiable, yes.

But the rot started 30 years ago. Accelerated with the breakdown of the family unit and rise of social engineering under Labour who also opened our borders to all and sundry allowing the Toynbees and her ilk to dictate how we should respond to the disappearance of our culture and nationality.

We asked for it and have got it. BNP represent the silent/inarticulate minority who happen to be white and English born. I was going to add working class but Darcy Bussel is one of a growing number of middle class who will vote for the BNP.

BNP are not going away. Labour and Conservative should take note. They sold out their own.

There are 100's of thousands who feel as Moston Martyr does.

Me. I am lucky as I can isolate myself from this part of broken Britain. But the fate of MM is a blot on all of us.