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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Caeucescu moment for Brown at Arromanches

Normandy veterans were distinctly unimpressed when Gordon Brown rose to say a few words at their Arromanches commemoration this afternoon. Sarah Brown looked stunned as a huge swell of booing filled the square. Brown carried on regardless, perhaps used to this reaction by now. The French President looked bemused.

Having made their point, the veterans swiftly returned to their good-natured selves and even allowed Gordon to shake a few of their hands afterwards for the cameras.

Still, this will be Gordon's last visit to Normandy.


The Highlander said...

Some clever chap with video expertise must have the clip.

Please post.

The Great Simpleton said...

I haven't seen or heard this yet so maybe I'm reading something in to it that wasn't there.

Much as I despise Gordon Brown, at occaisons like it is the office of Prime Minister that represents us and not the individual. It should be a non partisan affair and as such this type behaviour is unacceptable.

Its just a pity that Brown is incapable of distinguishing between the two occaisions and so, I suppose, he has brought it on himself.

hatfield girl said...

I have just watched the 8 o'clock news, the main RAI transmission each evening. There was no footage whatsoever of the British and Canadian landing beaches, no footage of the Queen's, and our, representative, no footage of Brown.

The Italians had deposed Mussolini in their terrible civil war by mid 1943 and joined the Allies after the September Armistice. So the lack of footage is not to do with Italy still being an Axis power in 1944. Brown has been edited out after the booing, and our people edied out with him. Jonah.

Guthrum said...

D-Day was just another photo op- and he fluffed that as well. Terrible