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Monday, 22 June 2009

Last Chance Saloon today for the Commons

The public's patience with Parliament is strained to the point of breaking. Any MP who imagines that popular fury has earthed itself is deluded. Today's Speaker election will be viewed closely across the nation for a sign that MPs are starting to learn what's expected of them.

If reports are true that Gordon Brown, through his enforcer Nick Brown, are trying to whip Labour MPs into a partisan choice that serves the government but not the people of Britain, the entire House needs to beware the backlash.

This is the last chance saloon. Make your choice wisely.

1 comment:

Alfred the Ordinary said...

My patience is broken.

We have been fed a continuous process of lies and deception as if we are imbeciles who know no better; deceit such as:

..over the Lisbon treaty. Anyone who has bothered to amend the existing treaties with the Lisbon Treaty and put the resulting document side by side with the failed Constitution can see that they are almost identical.

..over the state of debt. Only by keeping items such as PFI and other things off the books can you make statements suggesting that our level of debt is better than that of most other countries. An accountant for a limited company would go to jail for such deception.

..over contrived reports like the recent Badman report clearly written to fit in with some sort of agenda to extend state control over every child in the land.

..over attempts to hide authoritarian legislation, like the information sharing orders, and trials without juries, into the Coroner's and Justice Bill.

..over attempts to change our greatest gem, our Common Law system slowly into the Civil Law system through the introduction of instruments like the European Arrest Warrant with it's extradition without evidence examination, judge only trials and 'mutual recognition' initiatives.

I am passionate about the type of democracy that this country has been famous for, where the elected used to represent the people. Slowly over the last few years, it seems that that has been reversed. The expenses scandal just highlighted the mindset of many individuals, involved in that process, in that it has shown the contempt that they have for the electorate. The expenses themselves are not the important issue. This was all inevitable after the 'easing out' of Elizabeth Filkin.

There is a stink around Whitehall. There is only one disinfectant for that stink and that is the disinfectant of the electorate, being allowed to have their say in a General election. The longer the cleansing process is held back, the worse the stink will become. We must be allowed to carry out the cleansing process so desperately needed, as soon as possible. This vote today is a mere diversion, a sideshow.