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Monday, 29 June 2009

A strong Parliament, not a stronger government

I've written before how a strong Parliament coupled with a strong government makes for a healthy democracy. Strong Parliament, weak government or vice versa or weak Parliament weak government are a recipe for national disaster.

The Devil catalogues brilliantly how Brown's reaction to sleazy MPs weakens Parliament beyond reason. But government is also as weak as a kitten; the civil service is preparing for regime change, and its heart is no longer in Brown's initiatives, Brown cannot find enough ministers from the Commons to the extent that he's forced to co-opt unelected Lords to half the seats in the cabinet, he's lost the confidence of the country and of the media (with the exception of the BBC, of course) and his party would love to ditch him.

We cannot face the challenges this nation faces with both a weak Parliament and a weak government. To withhold from the country the panacea of an election at this time is an action both seditious and beyond responsibility. For Labour to condone it for the self-interest of their MPs must remove them forever from a place in our political system. They must be cast into the electoral outer darkness for this crime against the people of this country.


Guthrum said...

Brown is an irrelevance, The Lord Pesident Of The Privy Council is directing moves now- he is already living in the post-democratic age

Yokel said...

And if you take Dan Hannan's thesis, the First Secretary of State is also desperate to prop Brown up until the Irish have been bullied into voting Yes. When he has put any meaningful referendum out of the grasp of the British people, then, and only then, will Mandelslime permit us to have a vote. A charade of a vote.

Elby the Beserk said...

Yokel - I agree completely with this hypothesis. We need a clear statement from Cameron that we get the referendum regardless and act on it appropriately.

If not, then I'm left holding a useless vote again, with no party close to representing me.

Blue Eyes said...

How about a re-run of the Referendum Party?