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Friday, 3 July 2009

Extraordinary claim on Cranmer's blog

For reasons known only to himself, Cranmer gives space on his blog to an extraordinary piece by Michael Shrimpton 'QC' that alleges that Swine Flu, and Hong Kong Flu back in the 70s, and Spanish Flu back in 1918, were all, er, bio-weapons developed and released by the Beastly Hun.

Cranmer has always seemed a level-headed sort of chap to me. Subject to mawkish popular sentimentality, perhaps, but that is usual for an Anglican clergyman. And it's not April the first.

No, of course I don't believe a word of it.

How very strange.

I can find no Shrimpton listed on the 2008 Queen's Counsel lists. Has Cranmer been the victim of an elaborate hoax?


TheFatBigot said...

The 2008 list you cite is of those made QCs in that year, it is not a list of all QCs. There is a Michael Shrimpton at the Bar although I haven't seen him referred to as a QC before. Wiki the name and you'll find a bio.

Blue Eyes said...

That post is laughable!

It amazes me that people with such obvious paranoia issues manage to hold down any kind of normal life at all, even more so if he is a successful lawyer. Just waking up in the morning must ache to the core.

I used to wonder whether the supine acceptance of any EU machinations by the British leadership was a result of one or more of the other nations having some kind of "hold" over them. The truth of course is much simpler: they want a share in the "power" that ever closer union brings the executive.

As if the German defence types would unleash a relatively harmless virus on the world just because they don't like Gordon Brown!!

Anonymous said...

German defence types might not, but struggling pharmacos might.

Blue Eyes said...

It's all a bit Mission Impossible really.

Tyson said...

I have a friend in the legal game and he has met Michael Shrimpton. He's quite a well known QC but is considered somewhat, er, eccemtric.

Twisted Root said...

I believe he represented David Kelly's widow at the Hutton Inquiry.

Anonymous said...


You are incorrect. The 2008 list contains all QCs currently active down to 2008.

Bill Quango MP said...

Its all true. The virus was invented by the USA in the 1960's and was to be released into the soviet union if they landed on the moon first. In the end no one landed on the moon at all and the virus was stored at the top of World Trade Centre 1, thought the safest place in the world.
After Mossad blew up the twin towers with Semtex and hand grenades the virus was released and it was blown down to Mexico by global warming. It had little effect until MI5 and the CIA tried to modify it into a cold virus to kill Castro, where it has mutated. Its now out of control and will soon transmute into its flesh eating, zombie creating form.

It was all on Channel 5 a few nights ago.

TheFatBigot said...

Mr Mous at 13:28 said:
You are incorrect. The 2008 list contains all QCs currently active down to 2008."

The list linked to in Mr Raedwald's piece is not a comprehensive list of all active silks in 2008, it is the list of those appointed Queens Counsel in that year. I don't know how to create a link, but the Justice Department's webite contains the same list on its page announcing the appointment of 98 new silks. Just a little test to prove my point - where is the name of the current Attorney General, where is Cherie Booth/Blair where are David Pannick, Helena Kennedy, Jonathan Sumption etc etc?

Perhaps there is a complete list somewhere in the bowels of the Bar Council's website.

banned said...

Thank you Bill Quango MP, that explains it all, especially the role of global warming ( Climate Change, actually ).

Squeals of horror from the Beeb as they announced 100,000s of thousands of Swine Flu and even worse becuse " half of all cases MAY NOT HAVE BEEN REPORTED AAAGH !"
No mention that maybe people don't report it because it is no big deal.

Adrian P said...

Is it true that World Tamiflu stocks go out of dater in Six months time.

Ben said...

Looks like Cranmer has seen the light - the post was taken down since yesterday. (Shame, I left what I thought was a good comment, though maybe that was what changed his mind?)