Sunday, 5 July 2009

Fund the Monarch from the BBC budget

Cost to the taxpayer of the Monarch: £41m annually

Cost to the taxpayer of the BBC: £2,859m annually

The monarchy costs us a sum equivalent to just 1.4% of the BBC's cost.

I know which one I think provides the better value.


Alfred the Ordinary said...

Of course, the flaw in your argument is that when pushed for cuts, the BBC would let the Monarchy go. (Or maybe this is your hidden plan?)

Raedwald said...

Or if the licence fee was cut by £2.50 per annum the Queen could be given a 25% funding increase from general taxation at nil net effect.

Mac the Knife said...

"I know which one I think provides the better value"

I know which one isn't a colossal pain in the arse*

*clue: Has been known to wear a crown every now and again.

Chrysippus said...

I'm with Mac the Knife on this one. We should have has the bastards up against a metaphorical wall years ago.

The bottom line is that I would love my offspring to have a well paid job at the BBC, but by virtue of their lowly birth, they are unable to join he totally un-talented parasites (aka Royal Family)

banned said...

I don't pay the BBC a single penny but Liz and The Firm are welcome to my 69 pence and could have more if I knew where to send the cheque ( or do they have a Paypal account ? ).