Thursday, 16 July 2009


Walking through Trafalgar Square yesterday afternoon, I glanced at the nonsense going on at the fourth plinth. The attention-seeker atop the plinth didn't grab my attention, but the double-stacked portakabins did. And then I saw two brand new JCB loaders with platforms fitted; about £40k each. Why two? In case one broke down? And how many staff were 'managing' the installation? And one - or two - full time plant operators?

I've previously had a soft spot for Antony Gormley's work, but he is going to have to make something very special to negate this mistake. Roll on the next installation - a rather good statue of Sir Keith Park.

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banned said...

Pity the poor 'artistes' who exhibit themselves inthe dead of night with only winos and crackheads for company.
I had thought of visiting their webcam but thought better of it, they might think someone could care less about their exhibitionism.