Sunday, 12 July 2009

Labour's degradation of women and ethnic minorities

Kelly Holmes is a British hero. Her sporting achievements were recognised firstly by an MBE and then a knighthood. And the many other women and ethnic minorities who have received honours can rightly feel proud that they have earned their gong; the MBE, the OBE and the KBE/DBE have become the 'people's medals', and indicators of unimpeachable merit. Labour, of course, are going to degrade this, and make such an award meaningless. Just another spiteful and destructive Labour measure to spoil anything good and worthwhile in this nation. In future, British Empire awards are to be handed out in strict accordance with sex and racial quotas. No woman or ethnic minority who holds such an honour in the future can be sure they earned it on merit, and we can no longer regard the holders of such awards with respect. Labour therefore does both women and ethnic minorities a great disservice, and if Dame Kelly Holmes flings her awards in Gordon Brown's face in disgust, who would blame her.

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banned said...

Labour have already succeeded in destroying peoples confidence whenever a post is filled by a minority person; there is always the background suspicion that he or she is only there because of what they are, not their ability to fulfill the role.
It would only be natural for them to repeat the process in the world of Honours and other forms of public recognition.
Perhaps they might try pressuring Aresenal FC into adopting a similar procedure.