Monday, 20 July 2009

Mary Honeyball / Iain Dale - Olympic tarts

I posted a comment on Iain Dale's post that in itself responded to Mary Honeyball's post, all over the number of tarts that the 2012 Olympics will attract. Mary Honeyball quotes a Press Trust of India report that itself partially quotes This piece from the Times in March 2008, from which I took all the figures I quoted on Iain's post .... follow so far?

The interesting debate is how many people will be employed by the Olympics over the pre-games and games period. Mary Honeyball first reckoned one million, but now doubts this figure. Iain reckons 10,000. I quoted 100,000 from the 'Times' piece above. Where is the truth?

The ODA, the body building the theatre (to use a metaphor), LOCOG, the body staging the play, and the government, as the 'angels' (with our money) all say different and confusing things.

The ODA says that 4,434 are currently employed on the Olympic Park, that this will rise to a peak of 11,000 in 2010 and in all 30,000 people will have been employed on the construction phase.

Tessa Jowell told the Commons that "These include 30,000 people helping to build the Olympic Park and Olympic Village; 2,500 people directly employed on the staging of the games with a contractor work force of some 100,000". Hang on, this doesn't make sense. Does she mean 100,000 off-site jobs, in suppliers and support firms such as construction materials and plant? This seems highly improbable. Anyhow, they're not on site. That's clear.

LOCOG says "By the time of the 2012 Opening Ceremony around 100,000 people will be working on the Games - including 3,000 staff, up to 70,000 volunteers and a large number of contractors." Ah. I wonder if the 100,000 figure quoted by Tessa Jowell included 70,000 volunteers? If so, it's highly misleading.

Anyhow, it seems only 30,000 or so will be employed in building the park, with a peak of 11,000 on site. So Iain is the closest.

And as for the tarts, it may be that the Mile End Road massage parlours may have to cope by themselves. Perhaps Joe 'happy finish' Ashton, could provide some advice here.

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Bill Quango MP said...

Two medium sized construction firms could get no work at the site, despite being local. It was all tied up by the big boys. That alone will keep the numbers down.