Thursday, 2 July 2009

Michael White defends Labour liars

New Labour's emeritus apologist, Lord White of Farringdon, has penned an extraordinary defence of political lying in the Guardian.
"In the age of 24/7 news channels, internet search engines and Twitter-based citizen journalism, some claim political lies can be instantly exposed. It happens, but voters seem to accept the distinction between a direct lie and being economical with the truth: that it is sometimes justified, in war or economic crisis, to withhold the full facts."
Yes, perhaps it is sometimes justified - when in it in the national interest. But surely even White cannot begin to justify Brown's endemic lying which is not in the interests of the nation but in the interests solely of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party? Or perhaps he can.


Dick Puddlecote said...


So what he is saying is that he can no longer deny Labour lies, merely try to explain them away. Says a lot.

Blue Eyes said...

For the greater good!

(Good and bad decided by M White and not for negotiation)

Anonymous said...

Come now, Raeders, me old mucker. You're more than old enough to remember the Trots and their Noble Lie. And you'll surely remember how the ex-Trot Neo-Cons not only employed the Noble Lie to justify the invasion of Iraq but proudly broadcast their deception far and wide after the damage was done.

Authoritarians and leftists (pardon the tautology) have no interest in objective truth or objective reality. They only care about power, its acquisition and its retention. You've read 1984 - you know that The Truth is whatever The (Labour) Party says it is.

The Great Simpleton said...

Labour in general, and Brown in particular, hate the Tories so much that they see any lying to keep them out of power as in the national interest.

banned said...

"but voters seem to accept the distinction between a direct lie and being economical with the truth:"

Well er, actually I don't, sorry.