Sunday, 5 July 2009

No obligation to tell the truth to Kuffirs

It is not a religious offence for a good Muslim to lie to a Kuffir, or non-Muslim. There is no obligation in Islam to tell the truth to Kuffirs. The two Pakistanis who have just made a mockery of our legal system will therefore have done nothing wrong in the eyes of Islam. Rarely can either the Chancery Court or Appeal Court have seen such a debasement. The judgement in the case of Zahoor v. Masood states:
In this lamentable litigation Peter Smith J found that both sides attempted to deceive the court by forging documents. A list of over 50 challenged documents was produced. The trial judge had to hear the evidence of three experts on handwriting issues. He found it impossible to come to a clear conclusion in respect of each document and did not do so. He identified those key documents, agreements and share transfers which he held were not genuine.

The judge also found that both sides also lied in their evidence. In some areas of the case his task of evaluating the true facts about the dispute was difficult, if not impossible. Each of the individual parties, by using reprehensible means, set out to improve his own prospects of success, to damage those of the other side and to defeat the efforts of the court to do justice according to law. They abused, obstructed and attempted to undermine the justice system and the legal processes in which they were participating.

The perjury and forgery by both sides was so extensive that the judge said that he would not accept the evidence of either side, unless supported by independent documents whose authenticity was not challenged and the evidence of witnesses whose veracity was not challenged. He aimed at deciding the case on the basis of uncontaminated evidence.
The question is why both men are not now serving lengthy prison sentences for contempt of court.

The proper working of our legal system and of our courts is the most fundamental foundation of our society and nation. Those like Jonathan Aitken who imagine they can escape with lying to the court are quite rightly proven wrong with a lengthy jail sentence.

If Mohammed Zahoor and Sohail Masood hold our standards of truth and justice so lightly, let us also find a way to deprive them of it. If they want to be outlaws, so be it; let each be permanently and irrevocably barred from any civil law recourse or protection in the United Kingdom. The civil law and the civil courts should be closed to them for ever.


Henry North London said...

Whatever happened to perjury laws?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they in prison now for perjury, forgery and intent to deceive?

Blue Eyes said...

Lying in court surely is about the worst thing you can do under our legal system.

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes...

Only if you are white and English. Why does this country want to provide useful ammunition to the BNP?

Anonymous said...

The law doesn't apply to Muslims. If it did, Mohammed Sarwar would have gone to prison when the police found all that money - all in unmarked non-sequential used notes - in the boot of his car.

Anonymous said...

Is it time to make all evidence be given after an affirmation rather than under an oath on a Holy Book.

In that way all witnesses are under threat of perjury charges if they lie.

If you take religion out of the process they can have whatever belief they like - and they still go down.