Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Plus ca change ...

Richard North has a brilliantly indignant post HERE on the DFID's inanely expensive schemes for Afghan 'wimmin' whilst the basics go unaddressed.

I'm reminded of the anecdote about the USAID feminist who first followed the original occupation. She spent several months lecturing the women of a small village on their new found rights, imported American labour-saving kitchen utensils and pregnancy testing kits, and arranged for literacy tutors.

Returning to the same village four years on, she was appalled to see the women behaving as she had found them - burka-clad, and following twenty paces behind the men.

She harangued the women that she knew at American length, excoriating their subservience. "You're equal" she railed "Why the Hell are you still walking twenty paces behind your husbands?"

The answer came softly. "Mines."


Anonymous said...

Do bear in mind that many of the radical Afghan womens' groups are offshoots or affiliates of the old Afghan Communist Party.

TheBigYin said...

"Mines" I love it, can't stop laughing.

I effing dispair sometimes at the west and it's 'we know best' indoctrination of other countries deemed to be backword.

Of course we are getting the same treatment in the UK through our overlords...the EU. Hmmm, mines, EU?

JuliaM said...

Excellent! :)

banned said...

But why do they trot behind the husbands with sacks over their heads here in England, practise or experience ?