Sunday, 12 July 2009

A recession of two halves

I'm exhausted. I'm now working six days a week and hours that would induce apoplexy in an EU Commissioner. Apart from a couple of days at Christmas and Easter, I've been working without break since late last year. I even woke this morning half-wondering whether I should go into the office today. I won't. And I'm going to carve some time out and spend it on the boat. Last week I turned up for drinkies with fellow bloggers a day early, which was worrying; losing track of the days is not a good sign. On site at 7am yesterday morning, watching the clubbers making their way home whilst we had a full crew in on overtime, made me wonder if this isn't a recession of two halves.

Last week a guy I worked with on a job in the late 90s called me; he was going through the dregs of his contact book in an increasingly desperate search for work. He hasn't had a tickle in six months. All those I know seem either to be overworked to the point of collapse, or in a work famine.

Funny old world.

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Yokel said...

Allow me to point a bit of a finger. I too own my own business. It rents my services out to employers. I have too many enquiries to fulfil them all. I would love to be able to take someone on to help.

Will I? No f*&%ing chance! Knowing that if I have made a bad call on future business, then I will have to go hungry while the newcomer gets paid preferentially is one problem. On its own, I could manage it. But when you start to weigh up all the employment law, and family friendly policies introduced by this government for the benefit of their voters, then the decision is clear. It might even make sense if I employed 100; but if all I have is 1 then the aggro is just too high. Sorry potential trainee, you must gain your experience elsewhere.

No. Sorry, I haven't any clue as to where, just not here.