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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Reminder - lamps

There's always a little snobbery in every trade. In mine, calling lamps 'bulbs' is as big a faux pas as referring to your 'lounge'. The immediate fitting that the lamp plugs or screws into is called the lampholder, and the assembly of lamp, lampholder, shades, diffusers, fixings, carriers or prisms is called a luminaire.

Anyway, just a reminder that now is a good time to buy incandescent lamps. Those of 150W and 100W have already disappeared from the shops, but are widely available through eBay and from stock discounters at a good price now that the original hysteria has died down. Go on. Treat yourself to a lovely rosy red white light rather than the baleful green white light that comes from the Mercury low energy dross.


Anonymous said...

My order is on the web...

The plan is to stockpile enough proper bulbs to see me through until seriously good LED technology becomes available - or for the rest of my life, whichever comes first.

We have a large loft...

Blue Eyes said...

I am too tight on the old electricity costs to use old-fashioned bulbs.

Bill Quango MP said...

I find that the new 'bulbs' really do save electricity.
Its so dark when you switch them on its dangerous to move about, so you might as well switch them off and go to bed.

Shades said...


Lanterns more like.

(Assuming entertainment technology rather than architectural illumination).

Raedwald said...

Ha! Lanterns are for folk who use three pin round plugtops and rheostats (mind you, I wish we had 'blonds' 'redheads' and the like in my trade ..)

captainff said...

It is still possible to purchase those lovely bright 100w incandescents from wholesalers such as Booker, provided you or someone you know has access to them.

I've got 150 or so of the 100w beauties safely stashed .. ..

Also at the other end of the brightness spectrum the lower wattage varieties are next to go I believe?

banned said...

My old Dad, R.I.P. used to go on about 'rheostats' ( WW2 Radio Telegrapher RN ), could you remind me what they are ?
Back O/T, I began to stock up on proper lightbulbs over 18 months ago and reckon I have enough to last me into my dotage.
Note that they have not been made 'illegal', like mis-shappen fruit ( now legalised after 20 years ! ), disgraced Browns Government has simply leant on the major suppliers to no longer supply them.

Raedwald said...

Banned -

Rheostats were variable resistors - normally sliders - used to dim and 'bring up' theatre and stage lighting; a thing of the past, as it's all electronic these days. They still use round 3 pin plugs, though.

Also used in wireless telegraphy to change aerial characteristics and suchlike I think.