Thursday, 16 July 2009

Rousseau would love New Labour

That black rogue Rousseau, who would have children taken from their families lest their allegiance to their fathers surpass their allegiance to the State, would love New Labour. Rousseau, who said;
Each citizen would then be completely independent of his fellow men, and absolutely dependent upon the state . . . for it is only by the force of the state that the liberty of its members can be secured
Rousseau would also have approved Lord Laming's crackpot view that
.. the state should become a responsible and effective parent to more children
And would cheer Labour's efforts to exclude any but State servants from any contact with or influence upon the nation's children.

The 'strike' by all of our most popular children's authors against the State requirement to license them before they can talk to groups of children in schools will be applauded by the rest of us. Anthony Horowitz in the Independent and Philip Pullman elsewhere both excoriate this inane measure from Labour's Leviathan State.

It is written "It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."

The offence to our little ones comes not only from deviants, but from the zeal of a State that destroys childhood, and I would reserve a very large and very heavy millstone for the Children's Secretary this morning.


Nick Drew said...

it's not new, 25 years ago at our first pre-natal class, the nurse announced that the midwifery service would be responsible for our soon-to-be child until it was two

I disagreed, claiming that honour for Mrs D & I

lowered the temperature in the room a little, I can tell you

Anonymous said...

Rousseau ain't the half of it. Labour is a socialist party and its membership retains a strictly socialist - which is to say, Marxist-Leninist - worldview.

Central to all left-wing thought is the belief in Marx's historical inevitability, the belief that the radical Marxist state is an inevitable outcome if people are left alone. In other words, the failure to establish a proper leftist society is the result of external interference. This is why the Soviets would send dissidents for "re-education" - because the act of dissenting from Marxism/leftist thought was proof that you were educationally flawed, that you were as flawed as someone who thinks that 2+2=9745697.

Labour has not shaken off - and, in all likelihood, never will shake off - its Marxist roots. They have, thus, never shaken off their belief that Labour's eternal rule is not only inevitable but also fundamentally right and that their failure to achieve eternal rule over these islands is exclusively due to the ignorance of the voters. I remember wincing, during the Thatcher years, as Labour ("Party Of The People") spread its malevolence about the ignorance and prejudice of working class Tory voters and whined about how the only people to vote Tory were those too stupid to know they should be voting Labour.

Nowadays, with Labour increasingly run by thought police scum like Harperson, Labour's fixation on re-educating the proles has taken on a new intensity as they seek to expand their traditional efforts to teach the historical inevitability of Labour government and now to erase from the minds of the nation anything which might be deemed politically incorrect (which, for the most part, consists of telling inconvenient truths).

In the past, Labour believed it could brainwash the nation by infiltrating and controlling the profession of teaching. Thus, for decades, only avowed leftists - and the more radical the better - could get employment in state schools. Now, despite a stranglehold on education for well over three decades, Labour still doesn't own the minds of the nation. Clearly the next step is to take control of the family (which is, in any case, a racist-sexist-patriarchal-phallocratic-phallocentric construct). When the Labour Party is your mother, your father, your teacher and your priest, then they will finally have achieved the "liberation" of the nation's minds. Then people will be free from the interference of counter-revolutionaries, wreckers and splitters. Then, when the only thoughts passing through the minds of the nation's youth are thoughts approved by central party committees, then the truth of Marxist historical inevitabilty will finally be shown. Only by controlling every single aspect of a human being's life and thought can the left achieve its mission of liberating humans from all those chains on their lives and thought.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is that despite all their efforts, Labour has lost its traditional working class voters. And so it is, that now it is engaged in a desperate bid to replace that vote by allowing in a clearly inassimalable group of immigrants, who will vote for them in exchange for Welfare Benefits.