Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Troughing scum dig snouts deeper

MPs have quietly awarded themselves a new allowance; £25 'subsidence' for every night they spend away from their main home. So MPs with second homes in London can claim up to an extra £9,125 a year if they spend all their time there.

Even MPs can only eat so many meals a day. The fridges in their second homes, bought at our expense from the finest John Lewis can provide, are no doubt well stocked with comestibles. The fridges in their main homes will be bare. They're buying the same amount of food each week wherever they live.

No, if this allowance was for every night spent away from either residence I could understand it. But it's nothing more than Bercow's little sleaze pill for his chums.

They still don't get it.


captainff said...

Dizzy has a post about this .. .. .. the allowance was in the Green Book before the expenses scandal broke.

thefatlady said...

"Subsidence" is the right term. They have no foundation for it and are sinking lower by the day.

Raedwald said...


Yes, good work by Dizzy.

And apols for my unintentional spelling blooper ...