Friday, 31 July 2009

Ways to fight the workplace parking levy

Nottingham is set to be the first council today to implement the workplace parking levy, under which all workplace car parking spaces are to be taxed at up to £350 a year each.

Some months ago when the scheme was first mooted, I submitted a FOI request to Lewisham Council asking the number of parking places maintained for councillors and council workers. It runs into several hundred. The temptation for the council, of course, is to introduce the levy and then simply pass on the cost of their own parking spaces to the council tax payer rather than recovering the tax from councillors and staff.

However, should this become known, then the fury of local businesses and voters will be unleashed. Council workers and councillors should either be charged the full cost, or set an example and give up driving to work. We will no longer tolerate one law for the State and politicians and one law for the rest of us.

No one, it seems, has seen fit to ask Nottingham Council the same question.


Anonymous said...

Well , I have been asking the same council parking question.

The other rich source of FOI embarrassment is the recent transfer of parking enforcement to councils. How many council employees / mates and councillors have had parking tickets quashed?

It would appear that council sub contractors fall under the parking ticket immunity brolly too....

Griblett said...

'We will no longer tolerate one law for the State and politicians and one law for the rest of us.'

Where do you get that idea from, pray tell?

Nothing is going to change, nothing is going to happen, nothing is going to tear the sheep away from their tv's, their ignorance, their indifference or their mindless collusion.

Get a grip. This country, these people are totally and utterly fucked and will remain so for ever more. It's over, it's gone and it's never coming back.

You and others can point out where this country is heading 'til you're blue in the face. It doesn't matter. All the lights are off and no-one's home.

Take that boat and sail away.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

You might be interested in this blog which was set up to look at the decisions of Nott's council
Bendy Girl

Anonymous said...

Yes but what about our underpaid MPs. Will they be able to claim back this charge as expenses? If they cant then we can expect an empty Westminster chamber. And that is not the way to run a democracy.

What? Empty except for one or two MPs.

Are you sure?

Anonymous said...


Sad to say,it is some comfort that Harry Patch is not around to see that a British government feels so uncomfortable with the National Flag, that it will not have it on a British ID card.

Too true. The lights are OFF, and no one is at home (except the foreign burglars).

Tara Elocin said...

I just can't believe that anyone can really consider this sensible in the middle of a recession when companies struggle to stay within the required levels of liquidity and staff try to keep a close eye on their pennys from fear of losing their job and their house....