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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Baron Trougher of Gorbals

For the shameful and opprobrious act it is, Gordon Brown has hidden the elevation of the worst Speaker in the history of the United Kingdom's Parliament at the arse-end of a bank holiday week in high Summer. Such a shameful act is perhaps more suited to be clothed by the obscurity of a moonless night, but there it is; Baron Trougher of Gorbals now joins a House that was once both decent and honourable.

No doubt the loathsome political class will now launch a revisionist review of their chief figurehead, the man who epitomised the corruption of Parliament by this corrosive cabal; "Martin's been judged too harshly" they will opine, "actually, he wasn't that bad a Speaker".

Oh yes he was. He connived at the destruction of Parliament's authority, and that means our authority, over the executive; he cringed and fawned for political favour like a Labrador bitch caught eating a chocolate cake, and his offensive stupidity in the Chair betrayed the dignity and honour of the Commons. He remains an abject and vile creature, unworthy of honour or dignity.

Well done Gordon; again you've demonstrated what an enemy to the interests of the people of this nation you are.


talwin said...

This and the often equally outrageous en-noblement of many other Labour cronies and placemen and women could make one nostalgic for hereditary peers

Anonymous said...

He ain't from the Gorbals. The Gorbals (now rechristened The New Gorbals) is now a gentrified extsnsion of the Glasgow City Centre with expensive flats, luxury redevelopments and more Yuppies than you can shake a stick at.

No, Trougher McTroughslot is Springburn through and through. Springburn, where the drug gangs pick the local MP; Springburn, where the police won't go; Springburn, where brown envelopes of used non-sequential banknotes travel with alacrity from criminals to local politicians.