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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Beckett claims taxpayer should pay for her to buy popularity

Margaret Beckett's extraordinary submission to Sir Christopher Kelly was revealed in the Times today. In it, Beckett reasons that politicians are alone in having to buy popularity with the voters, and that the taxpayers should keep their other expenses high to make up for it. Beckett says;
"There are costs, uniquely associated with political life, which others are unlikely ever to face, which are not and never will be met from public funds. Such expenditure continues to arise throughout political life, usually ... without being supported or reimbursed. Political campaigns, by-elections, public functions or conferences, prizes, sponsorships and donations incur costs, not just in hundreds but probably totalling thousands of pounds, from the MP’s own pocket"
Of course, all those party members who spend hours, days and weeks delivering leaflets and door-knocking for Beckett without pay, all those who make donations and contribute to prizes cheerfully from their own pockets, all those who pay their own travel and hotel costs to attend a party conference or a public function without thought of reimbursement or personal gain must now be asking if they've all been wasting their time.

This is the twisted and corrupt reasoning of the political class, so blinded by sleaze, avarice and self-entitlement that they've completely lost touch with the world around them. Damn them all to Hell.


Fausty said...

Hear, hear.

I just hope that when she gets turfed out by her constituents, she isn't elevated to the Lords.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Brilliantly observed.

And those volunteers don't end up with a £64k salary at the end of it, either.

talwin said...

I suppose if one is afflicted with an aspect such as Beckett's there have to be some compensations somewhere along the line. Hers just happen to be looking down on the rest of us, and ripping the arse out of the expenses system.