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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Brogan's litany of Labour troughers who scorn the poor

I commend Benedict Brogan's piece in the Telegraph this morning on how Labour have betrayed the poor. This is the most squalid and reprehensible failure in a foul spectrum of political self-interest, incompetence, sleaze, lunacy and sheer idiocy that has characterised Labour's term in office.

Brogan necessarily curtails his list of all those who have 'done very well' under Labour whilst the poor have been progressively more disadvantaged; Tony Blair and other ex-ministers roll in their new millions, Quangocrats and all Blair's gold-plated political placeholders and the bankers who see 2009 as another very decent bonus year have all done very nicely.

I would add those scores of venal and corrupt civil servants who have segued seamlessly from procurement and administrative incompetence in their ministries to fatly-remunerated board positions, picking up an 'honour' along the way; the Chief Executives and top tiers of managers of every public sector body who have increased their own salaries many times beyond the average pay increases of those bodies since 1997 in an example of undisguised naked self-interest; all those growing fat running Labour's fake charities that are funded covertly by the taxpayer; the big accountancy firms such as PwC, Deloitte and the rest that have been so substantially funded by Labour that their glass and steel towers now rise above our provincial cities like Feudal castles; the shareholders of all the overseas manufacturing companies that have stepped in to claim the profitable vacant markets from Labour's failure to support British manufacturing, and a million or so migrants from the US, India and the Old Commonwealth who earning a decent wedge (and paying decent taxes) because Labour can't even manage to produce school leavers who can read and write.

Yes, all of these have done very well under Labour; Mandelson must be 'intensely relaxed' to be amongst so many wealthy and successful people.

But as Brogan so witheringly describes, Labour's new wealthy can afford to comfortably insulate themselves from Labour's failures - the poor;
Thousands of teenagers leave school barely able to read. Grinding child poverty is on the increase. Hospitals weighed down by bureaucracy struggle to make us healthier. Six million now rely on out of work benefits. One in six young people is neither in work nor in education. Entire neighbourhoods are blighted by feral children from households that bear no resemblance to what the rest of us understand as families.
What a damning indictment of utter failure.


Letters From A Tory said...

And not one word of that from Brogan sounds far-fetched or unfair. You only to walk down your local high-street to see most of what he was talking about,

Sean Lynch said...

It is all terrifyingly real to those of us who have to live in Labours' real world hell fashioned out of their fantastic delusions.
An inept gang of criminal charlatans and potty social engineers have reaped irreparable damage on the fabric and well being of our country.
The truth is Labour have never been fit to govern, they are petty small minded, bigoted fakes posing as egalitarians.
That there are "sane" adults still intending to vote for the sham that is Labour is one of the wonders of the universe, a riddle that will never solved.