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Thursday, 20 August 2009

DNA retention to be an election issue for police chiefs

I am delighted that Mr Damian Green MP has at last had his DNA sample and DNA record destroyed and deleted respectively. The lunacy of the justification by Vernon Coaker on 'Today' back in May that Mr Green might 'offend again' (despite never having been charged or convicted of anything), and that therefore the permanent retention of his DNA was essential, sounded hollow and shambolic even then.

If Cameron is truly in favour of elected police chiefs or watch committees (and I prefer watch committees) then the issue at the hustings of who will comply with the ECHR ruling and destroy the DNA samples of the innocent and who will follow the unlawful 'advice' of the malign and sinister ACPO to retain will loom large in voters' minds. Let the people decide.


Blue Eyes said...

The solution to the DNA issue is simpler. Cam just has to say "the police under a Tory government will comply with the ECHR ruling".

JuliaM said...

"If Cameron is truly in favour of elected police chiefs or watch committees..."

He says that now. He'll sing a different tune once elected.

Jeff said...

This is not the only thing bubbling up in the world of policing! Have a look at "Which End Bites" to read about a cunning little wheeze to form Public Service Sector Alliance partnerships. Policing by the European Region if I understand correctly. This stinks, and I suspect that ACPO Ltd is at the centre of it.