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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Eventually, they'll all catch up

For the past two years this blog has added its voice to those of other online commentators, notably EU Referendum and Capitalists@Work, on two issues of national importance - energy security and food security. Defra's own pie chart showing we import 51% of the food we eat makes an appearance here every six months or so, and warnings that the lights will be going out all over Britain within a few years are old news to Raedwald readers.

Richard North is perhaps a little annoyed that bloggers haven't been credited with having been on top of this issue for some while (and even the Economist thread that provoked the reaction was first featured here on 7th August); Nick Drew over at C@W is probably better informed on UK energy markets than anyone else blogging today and anyone interested is recommended to mine the rich seams of data and warnings there.

Christopher Booker succinctly sums up the abject failure of government to address food security in today's Telegraph, and it's a damning indictment of Labour's failure. Not perhaps an issue to excite metropolitan Conservatives so long as the weekly Farmer's Market functions, I suppose, but bloggers with families rooted in farming cannot fail to be aware of these issues. One hopes.

Unlike Richard, I'm not at all bothered that the MSB (Main Stream Blogs) are lagging in picking these issues up, just so long as they appear on the national agenda. Cameron must be aware of the poisonous chalice he's being handed, and the greater the pressure on him to formulate policies to reverse Labour's disastrous neglect of food and energy issues the better. I'm sure we're all less concerned with party point-scoring than in securing the future for the people of this nation.


electro-kevin said...

We are one of the more prudent households we know. Using a list for shopping - checking stock in our cupboards before replenishing. Making good use of bogof and bulk purchasing in collaboration with neighbours.

We could manage on fifty percent less.

We eat far too much in Britain. And it still makes no economic sense at all to grow-your-own. There are still vast tracts of unfarmed arable land and meat need not be a staple of every meal.

I grow my own potatoes for fun - but by heck they are the most expensive I have ever eaten.

Energy security on the other hand ...

Blue Eyes said...

Who cares if we import 51% of our food? The imports come from diverse sources - we are not dependent on one major supplier who could hold us to ransom. This idea that every nation should be able to supply everything it needs is painfully stupid. It is not often I read a free-marketeer campaigning for trade to be abolished.

Richard said...


My complaint is not about the delayed response of the MSM. It is about a self-styled champion of the blogosphere ignoring blogs when they are setting the agenda - mine was not the only one, by far - and only pucking up an issue when the MSM does it.

The broader point is that, for the blogosphere to come of age, it must set its own agenda, and not simply follow in the wake of the MSM. But when bloggers like Dale do not recognise the work of other bloggers, and simply respond to the MSM's agenda, that becomes more difficult.