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Friday, 21 August 2009

Gordon Brown may be a Man

Labour's NEC ordered a barrage of medical tests yesterday to be carried out on Gordon Brown after widespread accusations that he is actually a man. Dr Magnus Spart, Labour's medical spokesperson, said "gender is not as simple as XY chomosomes and genitalia; what sex someone is depends on a whole host of factors, not least what the person believes themselves to be"

Harriet Harman is today reported to be furious that a man might have won Labour's leadership race, and is calling for the result to be annulled if the tests come back positive.

David Miliband, who came sixth, said "She's definitely a man. There's no doubt about it."


Budgie said...

A man? Here's me thinking he is a gorgon.

Bill Quango MP said...

I thought a mouse

Anonymous said...

Do you think your wife would find this funny - if not you could come round to my place and watch some old Jim Davidson and Bernard Manning videos.

Budgie said...

Gordoom is the worst PM and Chancellor that I have known or even read about. He is a walking catastrophe and the living proof that socialism always ends in tears.

Under his management our economy has been ruined, but his mates, the bankers, protected because to sack them would expose his own incompetence. The UK has the worst peace time debts ever.

As we 'progress' towards the evil socialist dystopia of his dreams and our nightmares, we lose civil liberties, are routinely lied to by government, are snooped on and nannied, whilst our country is laughed at and McBust himself treated with the contempt he richly deserves. We are about to lose yet more independence to the wretched EU because Gordoom hasn't the bottle to hold the referendum he promised.

A man? Whatever he is, he should be in prison.

Anonymous said...

Something you should read ...

Lies about Rape

Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by the feminists in order to pursue their own ambitions.

Definitely worth reading


talwin said...

Anon @ 13.38

Unless you're just clever-arsing, there are two things you don't appear to understand:-

1.Brown is the archetype for 'you have to laugh otherwise you'd cry', and;

2. the visceral hatred felt by so many for the likes of Blair and Brown that, maybe, sometimes, a comment or reaction is less than, shall we say, politic (this is a variant of no. 1.)

But, specifically, although I do not know her, I suspect that Raedwald's wife (presuming he has one) would, indeed, find funnier this article (and, also, performances by the admittedly unfunny Jim Davidson and Bernard Manning); and certainly a lot less dangerous than, say, the lies and dossiers which took us to an illegal war, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents. And funnier, too, than the unelected Brown's desperately dangerous incompetence which has led the country to disaster, and his policy (sic) on Afghanistan, where we fight, on his behalf, an unwinnable war leading to more death and mayhem.

Sorry to be so serious, anonymous, but if I weren't I'd have to find this posting funny.