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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Labour's utterly bankrupt grasp of power

There is, it seems, someone even more desperate amongst Labour defence ministers than Bob Jobsworth himself; a nonentity of such complete mediocrity that more people could name a sixth century Pope than name him as a defence minister; Kevan Jones. Even his name is so excruciatingly dull that his poor parents replaced a yod with an aleph to add some interest to the man.

Guido has revealed that it is Jones who is trying to smear General Sir Richard Dannatt.

The ludicrous spectacle of this absurd little oik in his shiny and ill-fitting polyester suit snidely filling in an FOI request on the expenses of a member of the general staff like some toilet-sniffing low-rent chiseller would be funnier if he didn't hold office as a Minister of the Crown.

If anything demonstrates beyond any doubt Labour's utterly bankrupt grasp on power, this is it.


Anonymous said...

How long before TBNGU shows up and starts deriding General Dannatt as a stooge of the capitalist-imperialist oppressors while praising Comrade Kevan as a glorious defender of the proletarian vanguard?

It isn't merely the Labour Party that's morally and intellectually bankrupt; it's also their supporters - the ten percent of the adult population who will actually go into a booth and put an X beside the Labour candidate. They, too, have given up any claim to moral equity to the rest of the nation - to the people who'll vote Tory or Lib Dem or even SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP or LPUK. To vote Labour now is put yourself on the same plain as the troglodytes who vote for the BNP and it's quite interesting, when you come to think on it, to note who much crossover there is between Labour and BNP voters.

Sean Lynch said...

Anon hear hear, Labour are an embarrasing mixture of excruciatingly unintelligent dullards and boorish oafs, pathetic, spineless lily livered creeps, they are without doubt the lowest form of humanity to quote their hero "red" Nye, driven purely by hate, spite and ridiculously outdated class dogma,
most of them have had a privileged upbringing compared to most people and were privately educated, they are patronising, sanctimonious, inverted snobs. Bollox to the lot, they'll be out at the next election, the warmongering shits.
The useless Gordon Brown, puppet, most inept PM in history will have to go back to Scotland, and most Scots I've heard don't want him back.