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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Signs in the wind for the political class?

Just when the widely-loathed political class started to imagine they'd got away with it come signs that the public mood is cementing. Firstly in Totnes, where voters soundly rejected two established politician candidates in favour of a local GP - who is surely now facing a reduction in income. Secondly, the heartfelt piece in the Mail by retiring Tory MP Paul Goodman, in which he excoriates the malign influence of the political class on our democracy.

One swallow doth not a Summer make, but I'm getting the feeling that the tide is at the slack and may turn before very long.

1 comment:

Budgie said...

The politicians have failed as you say. So this is the opening for me to plug Direct Democracy. We need a new Referendum Party that promises, for the next general election, one Act which would institute electorate led referendums; and then promises to call another election and dissolve itself. This would put an end to the tyranny of politicians' control over us. Have we the courage and imagination?