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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Trougher Jones vs. Thrifty Dannatt

The mistake that sleazy and corrupt MPs commonly make is to assume that everyone is like themselves. It was a big mistake for Kevan 'trougher' Jones to make when he tried to nobble Gen Sir Richard Dannatt with a smear over the general's expenses; both the Mail and the News of the World come out in defence of the general today with examples of Jones' troughing and the general's thriftyness.

I'll also bet that the cost of catering at the Summer garden parties at the Palace comes out at about £2 a head; three cups of tea, a cucumber sandwich and a small rock bun.

What Labour's vulgar and conspicuous consumption culture can't get its head around is that value and thrift are built-in qualities amongst Britain's old establishment; Labour will plump for champagne and Mayfair catering whilst Dannatt will serve £1.49 a bottle Lidl white and home-made mushroom vol au vents.

What Dannatt and the Queen both realise is that the food and drink isn't the point; it's just what you fiddle with between conversations. The point of these things is meeting and networking. And that's something Bob Jobsworth and 'Trougher' Jones will never understand.


talwin said...

.....and all at the time when, despite desperate attempts by Labour to prevent its publication, the leaked Defence Committee Report, effectively says that Ainsworth's Department's procurement 'policy' is not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Conspicuous consumption: that hits the nail right on the head.

Labour are stuffed full of people like Cherie Blair and Kevan Jones and Two-Jags, people who were brought up in a modest (though certainly not poor) family. These people are not used to having large sums of money; they're not used to the idea that you shouldn't ram your wealth down the throats of everyone around you. They are classless (in the sense of lacking class or distinction). As a result, when they get access to (what they consider) the badges of status - things like fancy cars, expensive houses, fine wines and finer foods - they overindulge. They ram their newfound wealth down everyone's throat.

They're very much like rap artists with their "bling" jewellery. These fellows wear the ugliest, most gaudy and most expensive crap they can find - and why? Because it is conspicuous, because it shows off their wealth and because you cannot possibly miss it and, therefore, cannot possibly miss their financial status.

The Labour Party is, from top to bottom, made up of people who are indistinguishable from Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney character. They have money (mostly public money acquired without much work on their part) and they're determined to make sure you know it. They don't necessarily like the food they eat or the wines they quaff but they need you to know that they have money and you don't, that they are important and powerful and you are not, that they eat lobster thermidor while you eat Tesco's ham-and-cheese pies.

It is an ironical thing to see a soi-disant socialist party that traces its ideological roots back to Marx so readily adopt classism and exploitation of the poor. Go back and read Marx, in particular his references to the place of the capitalist oppressor in the democratic system, and tell me that his descriptions don't fit the Parliamentary Labour Party to a T.

anon y mouse said...

Absolutely spot on.

These same people will happily whine and moan about people who inherit a big house with a leaking roof that they can't afford to fix and call them "toffs".

They can't understand how some families will forgo "essentials" such as new cars, new carpets or foreign holidays to pay for their children's private education, because they themselves are innately selfish.

I also think they have huge chips on their shoulders and are embarrassed by their own families and, of course, are jealous of the things they can't buy. Things like good manners, self-respect, decency and honour.

Another thing I've never understood is the need to tell everybody how much you earn or how much x cost to buy, nor why some people reckon their neighbours are "jealous of us because we've got a better car".