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Thursday, 3 September 2009

BBC troughers caught out

Paul Waugh had a lovely story in last night's Standard;

Boris Johnson was just settling down on the 8.34am St Pancras-Brussels Eurostar today when he felt a chap desperately pushing through the carriage.

The culprit was keen to make his way through the economy section of the train - where the Mayor of London and his team were seated - towards first class.

It turned out to be none other than John Sweeney and his BBC Panorama camera crew - on their way to follow Boris's 'lay off our hedge funds' campaign in the Eurocrats' capital.

When Boris sardonically asked Sweeney if he was heading "to the front end of the train?", the red-faced BBC man mumbled that he had got a really, really good deal in first class, would not be allowed to eat the free croissants etc etc.

Dying of embarassment, Sweeney then repeated his defences as the pair got off and bumped into each other again in Brussels.


coneyisland said...

Ha! Talk about being compromised. BBC troughers are of the same breed as Labour troughers. Its just that the BBC troughers work in the "message delivery dept."

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The difference being, of course, that Boris is elected and needs to think about the impression he gives, whereas the BBC is funded by a poll tax and can behave as it likes.

Privatise it. Now.

Blue Eyes said...


tory boys never grow up said...

What no comment on Boris's Number 2 claiming that we have "our hands on the tiller of Scotland Yard". I could imagine your reaction if a Labour figure had said the same - accusation of politicising the police - pictures of the KGB/Gestapo etc. etc.

Blue Eyes said...

Hmm, no actually it was Jacqui Smith who accused Boris of "politicising" the police. Do catch up.

coneyisland said...

Correct Blue Eyes - and as we all know, Zanu have never politicised the police have they.....much!

tory boys never grow up said...

No Blue Eyes - you should catch up. The quoted comment is from Boris's Deputy Mayor as reported in today's Guardian - but nice of you point out that he was confirming Jacqui Smith's original accusation.

Anyway nice to see that Boris has now been forced to travel "cattle class" (his words not mine)

electro-kevin said...

Austerity - the new black ?

Sweeney was set up beautifully.