Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Brown's fingerprints all over Libyan deal

Gordon's status as an expert on the subject of courage is not readily apparent to anyone except perhaps himself. His books on the subject languish at the very bottom of Amazon's UK book chart; Wartime Courage (Nov 2008) at number 145,765 and Everyday Heroes (Jul 2007) at 339,358. Copies can be had for less than a pound.

In contrast, Vernon Coleman's 'Gordon is a Moron: The Definitive and Objective Analysis of Gordon Brown's Decade as Chancellor of the Exchequer' is at a very respectable 55,129.

Of course, Gordon's reputation in the field of courage is not helped by his habit of running away from any hint of controversy or challenge and leaving others to hold the fort. The Libyan affair is no different, and as the document trail suggests Brown's fingerprints were all over the Libyan deal he himself is nowhere to be seen.

Some courage.


Anonymous said...

So what, other than a general election, does it take to topple a useless government. Here we have to endure yet another huge international faux pas - not only do we have no friends in the Middle East or Europe, we have now lost America.

Anglo-American friendship was not based on equality of arms or financial power, it was based in one word - trust. The British could be trusted. Other governments may not necessarily agree with us, but we could be trusted.

Not any more, not with anyone. Not even with Lybia, whose government takes us for fools and appeasers. We are now a pathetic, bankrupt, pariah state in chronic need of a complete overhaul. But who, just who, can pull that one off?

Coney Island

talwin said...

Can I also recommend;

'Squandered - How Gordon Brown is Wasting over one Trillion Pounds of our money', David Craig, pub.,Constable;

'The Bumper Book of Government Waste - Brown's Squandered Billions', Elliott & Rotherham, pub., Harriman House; and, for good luck,

'The Big Red Book of New Labour Sleaze', Eds. Dale & Fawkes, pub., Harriman House.

Anonymous said...

It may have Harpic's sticky fingerprints on it, but the Libya business has the overwhelming stench of Mandelson reeking from every orifice

Budgie said...

I posted this first on Guido:

1. Brown was silent for over a week, thereby giving the impression that there was no involvement by the UK government.

2. Justice administration is devolved to Scotland, but foreign affairs are not.

Apart from the issues of the degree of guilt of Megrahi, the damage to UK-USA relations and the UK government’s sticky fingers, this shows (yet again) that Brown is both cowardly and incompetent. It is also a UK constitutional crisis, which seems to have been overlooked by the msm.

Anonymous said...

the train robber was told he would die in prison by none other than Jack Straw. Moments later he is told he will be released.
Why was that then?