Wednesday, 2 September 2009

C’est la liberté qui est en danger. Le climat va bien.

So says Czech President Vaclav Klaus, one of the very few genuine thinkers in European politics. I commend his August speech (H/T Brussels Journal) to the Aix-en-Provence Summer University, in which he also very accurately characterises the thinking of the Eurocultist elite as including;
- economic (or social) views based on the concept of the so called social market economy (which is the opposite of the market economy);

- views on freedom, democracy and society based on collectivism, social partnership and corporatism, not on classical parliamentary democracy;

- views on European integration, which favour unification and supranationalism;

- views on foreign policy and international relations based on internationalism, cosmopolitism, abstract universalism, multiculturalism and on denationalization.
As well as what he terms 'an irrational attempt to fight the climate'.

Klaus has seen Eastern Europe emerge from one totalitarianism only to risk becoming enveloped by another - one without the gulags, but no less threatening to personal liberty for all that.

Hear him well.


Weekend Yachtsman said... market economy (which is the opposite of the market economy)...

I've observed before that the prefix "social" reverses the meaning of whatever follows.

Other examples are the "social contract" from the benighted days of Jim Callaghan, which was not a contract but meant one side (the taxpayer) had obligations and the other (the unions) didn't; the "social wage" beloved of various Labourites, which is not a wage at all but money given to someone for doing nothing; others will occur to readers.

Of course, where this leaves social workers is a subject for further discussion.

Budgie said...

What about Klaus for PM?