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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cheer up Gordon; the Mail and the Telegraph still like you

Oh dear. Following the Guardian's editorial earlier this year encouraging a Labour coup against Brown, he's lost the Sun. Not even a series of Chequers weekends for the scion of the Murdoch and Sun editors could prevent the inevitable. Murdoch watched Brown's speech, and decided he was a loser. Murdoch didn't make his fortune by backing losers. Brown was sacked.

Still, Paul Dacre manages the odd editorial in support of Brown in the Mail, which, like most papers, has suffered a 9% downturn recently. And the Telegraph, to the fury of its readers, also lends a clothes-prop to the waxed dummy from time to time.

Kinnock is said still to feel deeply hurt at having his head in the Sun's lightbulb on the eve of that disastrous election. Their treatment of Brown today is a little kinder - but he'll still feel it like a kick in the gonads.


Budgie said...

Yes, the Telegraph has lost it too. Its useless series on the EU; the odious Mary Riddell; its toadying specifically to Cameron (except for Simon Heffer); its swallowing of the AGW hoax; all of these counterbalanced only by the excellent MPs troughing exposures.

So who's left supporting ZaNu? The BBC, the Grauniad, the Mirror obviously; who else? And why even them, after Brown has wrecked our economy?

Bill Quango MP said...

He should try at get Sky onside. Sign up for the leader's debate IF they promise balanced , i.e. Labour favourable, coverage up until the election.
It would be worth it for SKY to say yes and for Gordon too, if he can pull off a media deal.

As for the fact that Gordon would be hopeless at a live debate so what? Its hardly going to make much difference now. Its all about keeping hold of 24% who think he's doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

He should try at get Sky onside.

Not likely, considering Murdoch's interests in both 'Sky' and 'The Sun'...

Bill Quango MP said...

Murdoch would do a deal on Sky News reporting 'bbc' style on politics.
Sky cashes in on the leaders debate. That's a big prize, and impartial news reporting on tv is the law.
The Sun can still do what it likes.

Has to be worth a go for Brown- or Brown goes.

banned said...

Took The Sun long enough to work out the obvious. Nill Points.