Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gordon's Harvard teaching plans wrecked

More than anything else, Gordon Brown wants his intellect to be recognised. This is worth more to him than Blair's millions, worth enduring the odium of the British public, and worth dragging the Labour party into a humiliating kicking at the election. When he said he fancied teaching after retiring from politics, he wasn't talking about a Scots primary school. Sadly, most informed commentators in the UK regard his intellect as distinctly second-rate, and not of the sort of quality that would secure him a teaching post outside of the Technical College where he once worked.

Not so the septics. A year ago Brown would have been a big-name ticket for Harvard or Yale, with a chair in European politics perhaps. Well, he's blown it now. Following his Libyan dodging, he's about as popular in the US as a halal Haggis, and Harvard is more likely to hire Abu Hamza today than Gordon Brown.

So where to now, Gordon?


talwin said...

I don't imagine many of my (grammar school) teachers or (much later!) my university lecturers would have claimed 'intellect' as being in some way necessary in the performance of their role. Neither, on reflection, do I.

Rather, they needed knowledge of their subject and the best of them had personality allied, when necessary, to a sense of humour. They had an ability to engage with their students, to present, to excite (or at least engender interest or curiosity), to connect with, to empathise with, and to show a fair degree of honesty.

I have spotted a galactically insufficient two characteristics maybe applicable to Gordon Brown. He will have some knowledge, and he will engender curiosity. Sadly for the latter the curiosity will be unlikely to relate to his subject but to him.

Budgie said...

Now the Americans can appreciate what the British people are enduring, when they see Brown's incompetence, mendacity and Stalinist plotting.

Well, if we elect a socialist then I suppose we must not be surprised to get one.

Elby the Beserk said...

Quite so. Hope the cunt is treated like the pariah he is for the rest of his life, attacked by dogs when they see him, knowing a wrong 'un when they smell one, attacked by hoodies, and pissed on by drunks.

Bill Quango MP said...

So where to now, Gordon?

I believe there is a place in, or near, Berkeley, California that is none too fussy.

talwin said...


You have a nasty mind. Surely ,no establishment, in or near Berkeley, or anywhere else for that matter, deserves what would be a truly unpleasant, Limey double-whammy. Our reputation is soiled enough.

Savonarola said...

Whilst I would enjoy a mild dose of schadenfreude should Brown suffer academic rejection in the US, Blair's rejection by the $ talk circuit for crimes against the US, would bring even greater joy. Brown was a fellow traveller with Blair's oil for bomber deal.