Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hypocrite Harman fixed hubby's snout in sleaze trough

Again a story from the Times on how Harriet Harman fixed for her hubby to get a safe Labour snout-in-the-sleaze-trough seat in return for a £1m 'bung' from his union's funds. This is the same Harriet Harman beloved of Labour wimmin everywhere for her shrill ranting in favour of all-women candidate lists and against, er, wealthy white middle-class blokes getting all the swill.

Harman's stunning hypocrisy will no doubt not show a trace on her dull ovine features; the Harmans of this world, like Leona Helmsley, all believe that rules are for other, 'little' people like us, and don't apply to them.


Richard said...

Are you sure you mean ovine? Haven't you missed out a "b" somewhere?

Scrobs... said...

Harperson = rabbit definitely in headlights...

She really is very poor at presentation, and has an annoying misunderstanding of reason.

Hopeless at anything which requires a spine unfortunately.