Sunday, 13 September 2009

Once the BBC report Brown's health story, the game's up

Speculation about Brown's mental health has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere for at least a couple of years now. From time to time MSM columnists would drop a print hint, much as editors of old placed a few paragraphs on Mrs Simpson's movements alongside a story from the Court Circular. Those in the know knew. This week the speculation in the print media has been open - both here in the UK and in the US.

The BBC has of course refrained until now from making any comment on the story; in doing so, I think it has acted responsibly. Even in this day and age, once the BBC report speculation on the Prime Minister's mental health, the game's up; he'll have no choice but to resign. Right now, I think the BBC are just waiting to see how the story carries.

These are incredibly difficult days for all those involved. Let's hope they all hold the interests of the nation as paramount, and do the right thing - whatever that is.


Blue Eyes said...

I don't know what to make of this "mentalist" story at all. I dislike the intensity of Guido's campaign. I don't think someone's office demeanour is necessarily a measure of how good the decisions that person makes. Brown should be judged on the quality of his leadership and not on whether he shouts at people he doesn't like.

I would prefer Brown to be beaten in a clean fight.

davidncl said...

If this story was about a tory PM then such speculation about him or her being on MAOI drugs or whatever would be on the BBC's flagship news progammes 24*7.

Btw, having tantrums in the office, hurling nokias etc is directly indicative of poor leadership.

JuliaM said...

"Btw, having tantrums in the office, hurling nokias etc is directly indicative of poor leadership."


JuliaM said...

But, like BE, I'd prefer to see Brown ditched because he's incompetent, not because he's ill...

Yokel said...

"Let's hope they all hold the interests of the nation as paramount, and do the right thing"

No, I think you will find that that will hold the interests of the EU paramount, and delay any action until the Irish have been bullied into voting "Yes". Then it can all come out into the open for the red tops to have as their "exclusives". And it will be too late for the survival of England.

Gordon said...

I acknowledge the naive concept of a clean fight in politics, spawned by Blueeyes. Anyone suffering the frustration of terminal hemorrhoids and tied to a keyboard commode 24/7, must vent a token of honest simplicity.

However in the real world, only the robust with a healthy rugby background can be cast in the role of saviour. In the final phase of a great personal challenge and in spite of inner voices of doubt, duty and destiny beckon the awakening of my alter ego - Super Zeropercentman. Vote for me again and your benefits will tripled, Blueeyes.

Savonarola said...

Think Brown. Think last year of Nixon. Heavily under the influence of presribed medications.

Brown has always been dysfunctional. Strains of leadership have pushed him over the edge. I would be surprised if he is not on some form of medication.

Deluded. Look at the You Tube video on expenses.

electro-kevin said...

A pre-requisite of a leftist is mental dysfunction.

The reconcilation of reality with ideology demands duality in thinking. It becomes madness when they try to make it all work.

Elby the Beserk said...


Clean fight? Remember, this arsehole employed MacBride

Sun Tzu. The Art Of War

"To defeat your enemy, become your enemy"

"If your enemy is of choleric temperament, irritate him".

No - poke the bastard with sharp sticks, and smear him. See how he likes it.

He's a nasty sociopath, with a huge chip on his shoulder which he has been taking out on the rest of us too far too long.

Budgie said...

Considering the reality of Brown's appearance (dysfunctional social behaviour, temper tantrums, possible depression/drugs), he has got off remarkably lightly in the msm, especially the BBC. With Thatcher it was all different: you could not move without some "alternative" "comic" on the BBC expostulating their single "joke" ("Thatcher, handbag, har, har, har, har"). As ever the BBC are grossly biased and too dim to see it.

hooby said...

since when have they ever 'done the right thing'

pacofisher said...

You know that the issue of Brown taking too many pills is true when Mandelson denies it.