Thursday, 17 September 2009

Paul Stephenson - dinosaur plod vs. the people of London

The London boroughs want a say in appointing their borough commanders. The Mayor of London wants greater control and direction of the operation of a force that swallows £3.6bn a year in taxes. Localists including myself want policing operations down to Ward level to be accountable to local Watch Committees of citizens and magistrates, similar to the Japanese model.

In the face of this, the reaction of Met Commissioner Paul Stephenson is 'hands off - it's mine'.

The public comments to that response on the Standard's site are almost unanimously against Stephenson. My own experience from almost everyone I discuss this with is that Londoners want control of their police force. No doubt polls also support this consensus.

As Simon Jenkins writes in the Standard 'You're his boss, Boris - don't let Paul Stephenson forget that';

At last, a London row that really matters and where only one side can be right. London's police chiefs are demanding that politicians stop interfering in how they police the streets. London's Tory politicians think otherwise. They want to interfere more. They are right.

Yes, they are right. Let's have this out.


Anonymous said...

Well how naive of me! Here's me thinking that it *was* always meant to be the Mayor of any major city that held sway over plod.

C'mon Boris - kick him where it hurts!

Coney Island

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Yeees, accountability and perhaps elected police chiefs. The argument is ancient - only the result could be new and FreeMasons hold key responsibilities for making such decisions, Raedwald.

Budgie said...

What a cheek for London police chiefs to demand that politicians stop interfering when the Met has been ZaNuLiebore's playground for a decade. What we need is elector control, though, not political control.

Anonymous said...

This will be a dirty fight - no doubt - the levver aprons that have pulled the strings at the Met for 100 years are going to hang on like you would believe... :-)