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Monday, 28 September 2009

Remember, the Stasi needed a million rats

As big as the Stasi was, it depended on a myriad of small time informers to rat on their colleagues and neighbours to work. The fear in the German State was never knowing whether that smiling newspaper seller, or that friendly primary school teacher, was watching for a loose word, a small admission of guilt to report. The State encouraged fear and distrust amongst the people.

Like most normal people, I swear at my telly from time to time. At times, in private, my language is neither polite nor politically correct. And now, following the case of Rowan Laxton, I must ensure the windows are closed and that I am inaudible to any other person, or face the risk of a rat reporting me to the police. Rowan has just been fined £350 with £500 costs and a £15 victim surcharge (which will certainly never reach the Palestinians on whose behalf he shouted in the first place) for being overheard.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Radders, in that we must rid this nation of the growing left-wing stazi. However, there is a delicious irony that it was a senior government official that fell foul of the governments laws. A similar case being Baroness Scotland :)

Coney Island

Budgie said...

I very much disagree with Rowan's sentiments, but he should have the right to say them. When this country descends to the level of prosecuting someone for a rant we have reached the 1984/Brave New World depths.

William Gruff said...

I may only speak for myself when I say that as enjoyable as your blog is, Raedwald, the lack of links to relevant articles is often irritating and occasionally infuriating.

Raedwald said...

William -

Point taken. I'll try harder to include more links.

Gray Moon Gallery said...

We defeated the Soviets, meanwhile a Stasi culture engulfs Europe... (Quote by Jan Theuninck, august 2009)