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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Will 'magic passport' mean DNA swabbing for Scotland?

And so it emerges that the Tongan alleges that she never showed a passport at all to Patricia Scotland, and was given the job after a ten minute interview. If Scotland had seen Tapui-Zivancevic's passport - with its out of date visa - she wouldn't have employed her, clearly. But Scotland now claims she was shown a second, magic passport - invisible to everyone but her.

And why does this matter?

The UK Borders Agency's unseemly haste last week in imposing a £5k civil penalty on Scotland was for a very good reason. If they had grounds to suspect that Scotland knowingly employed an illegal, such as the magic passport, they would have had grounds to arrest and question her under caution and to swab her for DNA and take her prints. And of course even if no charge was ever brought, the Attorney General's DNA would be retained.

When Vernon Coaker was a Home Office minister he vigorously defended DNA retention of unconvicted people because of the high risk that they would 'offend again'. In the government's view, then, its own Attorney General would be branded a habitual criminal, despite not having been convicted.

And even Brown's corrupt, sleazy and utterly bankrupt administration couldn't defend that.


hatfield girl said...

Notorious for calling for and reading all background papers before reaching a decision, Brown comes out, by the account in the Mail of the Border's Agency investigation, poorly.

Or will he claim to have delegated the reading up of the investigation to another and that he merely acted on the recommendation to accept her account and ask for public contrition (which was not displayed either)?

Bill Quango MP said...

Although the DNA bit might have been fun, the reason for the quick fine is clear.
1} The matter is settled by a fine, no doubt to be recouped form some of her many expense fiddles, and is of no further media interest.

2} The magic passport story, which is an even more serious problem than the employment of an illegal, in that it demonstrates the baroness was lying to cover up her mistakes, is never investigated.

Why would an illegal immigrant, owning a passport with a perfectly good visa stamp, throw it a way. Throw it away but then keep a different passport which has an expired Visa stamp and is of little use.

Opening question to the jury I think.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It's the story that just gives and gives, isn't it? :-)

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Reading your headline, I thought this might be the latest anti-English outburst from Mr. Salmond.

Everyone to be fingerprinted at the Scottish Border, perhaps, and those of unconvincing accent* to have their DNA put on to a database for ever?

Alas, the truth was much more prosaic. You were talking about "Lady" Scotland - who is, of course, nothing to do with the actual nation at all.

* Accent is the only real identifier they recognise; you can be born and bred in Glasgow, but in you speak "wrong", then you're English. Or - even worse - "posh". Contempt and despisement will follow.